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Images - Creative Commons
by Decius at 6:55 pm EST, Jan 21, 2007

The new image embedding feature in MemeStreams opens up a lot of great possiblities. We're really been enjoying the different ways that people have found to make use of it. However, it also raises some challenging questions about Intellectual Property.

Is there a fair use defense for embedding images from commercial sources into your MemeStreams blog? I think it may depend on what you embed, from who, in what context. Blogs really haven't found themselves under the gun of a law suit over this sort of appropriation in the past, but there is a first time for everything, and I myself am not entirely sure where the lines should be drawn.

Ultimately, you should use common sense when picking pictures to embed. You have to consider the interests of the image host. If the picture is of a product the linked site is selling, its unlikely the site's owners would care. If the image comes from a commercial news source, its really hard to say. Are you driving your readers to the original article, or are you using the image in a context where your readers aren't likely to care about the original source?

Here I'm linking Creative Commons page on images. They provide a few reasources for CC licensed images which are likely safer to embed than commercial alternatives. One of the sources they point to is flickr, which has a Create Commons option in their advanced search capability. I think thats a real good way to find images that you can use to illustrate your blog without running into IP concerns.

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