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RE: Steve Jobs - Thoughts on Music


RE: Steve Jobs - Thoughts on Music
by Rattle at 1:31 pm EST, Feb 7, 2007

Not unless it's from their cold dead hands. This is a war that's been waging since the late 80s. The music companies are fully aware of what Steve is doing and are not going to play into his hands. He's just trying to use the public as his negotiating lever, but that hasn't been successful in any other way. People still spend billions of dollars a year on overpriced ceedees. The labels are COUNTING on the revenue streams from a DRM'd world for their survival. Their shareholders will demand it.

You'd be shocked.. That's not in line with what people are actually saying behind the scenes at this point. EMI looks like it will be the first to jump the DRM ship. Sony/BMG is seriously examining the idea of going with non-DRM licensing.

Jobs wasn't just talking to Europe in his essay. He is also trying to add more steam behind an already brewing movement to do away with DRM.

There are very good arguments that the entire music downloading market would grow rapidly if it was possible to sell non-DRM'd tracks, not to mention a form of blanket licensing.

RE: Steve Jobs - Thoughts on Music

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