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'The Problem with Wikipedia' - Webcomic
by Elonka at 7:53 pm EST, Feb 6, 2007

Elonka :)

'The Problem with Wikipedia' - Webcomic
by k at 10:24 pm EST, Feb 6, 2007

Elonka :)

[ So so true. I once looked up "Alexandria", the only reason for which being that my big media disk -- my "library" if you will -- is named Alexandria, and i wanted to see if i could find a name for a secondary drive used to backup that one. I was looking for ancillary libraries to the "great" one of Alexandria.

3 hours later I was reading all about the entire history of the Greek and Byzantine empires, and then Persia and all manner of ancient history among other things. The comic reminds me that at the time I considered positing a Wikipedia Investigative Growth Law, which states that each Wikipedia page you visit will result in no less than 2 subsequent page views of linked pages, and as many as 10 or more. Thus, the number of open tabs in your browser will increase exponentially until a) your browser crashes b) your eyes fall out of your head or you fall asleep from exhaustion or c) you have to leave your search due to unavoidable work, spousal or child-related duties.

I had a similar experience starting from a look at the page on Heraldry. Dear god, I lost most of a Saturday.

Oh, yeah, the hard drive got the name Serapeum. Click, if you dare ;)

-k ]

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