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Efficient Near-duplicate Detection and Sub-image Retrieval
by noteworthy at 2:54 pm EST, Feb 19, 2007

We have the technology.

We introduce a system for near-duplicate detection and sub-image retrieval. Such a system is useful for finding copyright violations and detecting forged images. We define near-duplicates as images altered with common transformations such as changing contrast, saturation, scaling, cropping, framing, etc. Our system builds a parts-based representation of images using distinctive local descriptors which give high quality matches even under severe transformations. To cope with the large number of features extracted from the images, we employ locality-sensitive hashing to index the local descriptors. This allows us to make approximate similarity queries that only examine a small fraction of the database. Although locality-sensitive hashing has excellent theoretical performance properties, a standard implementation would still be unacceptably slow for this application. We show that, by optimizing layout and access to the index data on disk, we can efficiently query indices containing millions of keypoints.

Our system achieves near-perfect accuracy (100% precision at 99.85% recall) on the tests presented in Meng et al. [16], and consistently strong results on our own, significantly more challenging experiments. Query times are interactive even for collections of thousands of images.

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