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RE: Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer


RE: Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer
by Hijexx at 10:18 am EDT, Mar 30, 2007

Decius wrote:
I will likely spring for a PS3 when this comes out.

Just curious: Why PS3 instead of XBOX360? With both consoles at parity with respect to gaming performance and the XBOX360 being cheaper, do you want a PS3 because of: Brand loyalty? Blu-Ray? Gran Turismo? Liking the controller better? Use of existing game library? Anti-Microsoft sentiment? All, some, or none of the above?

I'm not a big gamer anymore, sold my consoles (Xbox orig and PS2) because I hadn't touched them in months, but I still like to follow the console wars. For me, anti-Sony sentiment would keep me away from PS3 more than anything else. After the rootkit fiasco, I just don't see them the same. I avoid anything Sony, which keeps me away from a lot of movies and music as well as the consumer electronics.

RE: Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer

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