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Discovery Channel :: News :: Pyramid's Secret Doors to Be Opened
by Shannon at 3:35 pm EDT, Apr 2, 2007

March 20, 2007 — Doors will soon open to reveal one of the mysteries of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Dr. Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Discovery News in an exclusive interview.

Hawass, one of the world's leading Egyptologists, said he will show what lies behind secret doors inside the 4,500-year-old pharaonic mausoleum by the end of this year.

"Finally, people all over the world will know what is behind the second door in the southern shaft and the third door in the northern shaft," Hawass said.


Widely believed to be ritual passageways for the dead pharaoh's soul to reach the afterlife, these 8-inch square shafts remained unexplored until 1993, when German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink sent a robot through the southern shaft.

Thats right, because robots aren't afraid of curses or mummies.

Discovery Channel :: News :: Pyramid's Secret Doors to Be Opened
by skullaria at 5:25 pm EDT, Apr 2, 2007

That's quite a small, steep shaft. They ended up just drilling through the first one, to get to the second. It will be neat to see what technology they are going to use to get through this one.

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