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Rolling Stone : The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt
by Rattle at 2:38 am EDT, Apr 4, 2007

He was the ultimate keeper of secrets, lurking in the shadows of American history. He toppled banana republics, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion and led the Watergate break-in. Now he would reveal what he'd always kept hidden: who killed JFK

Regardless of how the inevitable follow-up on this goes, this is a great read. Given that the identify of Deep Through has been revealed as Mark Felt, there are few great secrets from this era of US history that have captivated the general public which have yet to be revealed.

Screw The Good Shepherd, I'd rather see a movie of this.

Update: NOT by Costner.

Rolling Stone : The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt
by Decius at 3:56 am EDT, Apr 4, 2007

E. Howard scribbled the initials "LBJ," standing for Kennedy's ambitious vice president, Lyndon Johnson. Under "LBJ," connected by a line, he wrote the name Cord Meyer. Meyer was a CIA agent whose wife had an affair with JFK; later she was murdered, a case that's never been solved. Next his father connected to Meyer's name the name Bill Harvey, another CIA agent; also connected to Meyer's name was the name David Morales, yet another CIA man and a well-known, particularly vicious black-op specialist. And then his father connected to Morales' name, with a line, the framed words "French Gunman Grassy Knoll."

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