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O'Reilly Radar > Call for a Blogger's Code of Conduct
by Acidus at 11:12 am EDT, Apr 10, 2007

Take responsibility for your actions? Ignore people who are mean? Come up with a ratings system of the vulgarity you wish to have?

Are you fucking kidding me? We have smart and interesting people wasting time on this bullshit? Making a code of conduct for blogs? Ok people, its time to let go of mommy's apron now.

Seriously, This is crazy. Having listened to Tim O'Reilly speak in person at a few conferences, I'm amazed a man who has such vision is wasting time trying to setting up meaningless guidelines about how to play nice. That's like John Nash teaching long division to 4th graders.

"As discussed at a brain storm at Etech..."

Damn, you dragging other smart people into this asinine discussion? I'm still corresponding with people I met at ETech from more than 2 years ago. And the discussions I had there and the people I talked with gave me ideas still percolating in the back of my head. Anyone who attends ETech only to get drawn into a discussion about flame wars should be shot.

And that is what we are dealing with here! We are talking about trying to control/limit flame wars for god sakes. And that's fucking stupid. HTTP:// is no different from news:, and your self-important "geek chic" XHTML 1.1 compliant W3C verified liquid CSS blog doesn't change that.

This is a heartbreaking waste of time and a complete fool's errand.

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