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RE: Is the search for aliens such a good idea?


RE: Is the search for aliens such a good idea?
by Acidus at 12:20 pm EDT, Jul 2, 2007

dc0de wrote:

possibly noteworthy wrote:
It's interesting to see people so worked up over this.

Jared Diamond, professor of evolutionary biology and Pulitzer Prize winner, says: "Those astronomers now preparing again to beam radio signals out to hoped-for extraterrestrials are naive, even dangerous."

I've always expressed disdain for SETI@home, but this is even more useless, though perhaps less wasteful:

Cosmic Connexion, a firm based near Cape Canaveral in Florida, invites you to e-mail your messages to them and they will then beam them, free, into space and "introduce you to extraterrestrials."

Today MySpace, tomorrow MyUniverse. Just imagine the time sink of approving all those friend requests ...

Kewl!!! I'm sending one...

"Hi, My name is Decius, and I am the ruler of the third planet encircling our sun. If you dare, come to our planet, and find me, I will fight hand to hand/tentacle/appendage/leg/eye/antenna and the to the victor go the spoils.

If you don't want to come here, then you are weak, useless and should fly into the nearest sun."

That's gonna be so cool.... !

Tom might as well practice. We are counting on him to fight off the aliens at Phreaknic 12.

RE: Is the search for aliens such a good idea?

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