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Insurance Industry Experts agree that Sicko Accurately Depicts A System Gone Wrong
by skullaria at 7:22 pm EDT, Jun 28, 2007

"Bob Scott, an attorney with the Advocate Law Group, is an insurance industry expert who has been fighting for consumer rights for over 30 years. He thinks Sicko is a very accurate and an all too sad depiction of the healthcare insurance crisis in America today and explained, “Sicko tells only a fraction of the stories out there – it barely scratches the surface of abuses that occur every day. The truth is that consumers rarely have a fighting chance against giant corporate insurers who will do anything to deny valid claims. I’ve seen this happen for decades and it continues to get worse each year. These abuses are rampant and we see them every day at Advocate Law Group.”

I dunno - I only know that we pay 400.00 a month for insurance...and WITH the insurance, my medication was 250.00 this month - and I didn't even have one 60.00 prescription filled. Then I had surgery that my doctor said I needed 3 years ago, but I had to go through "conservative treatment" that didn't work FIRST - during which time I developed fibromyalgia, which I probably wouldn't have GOT if I had been able to have the surgery when the pain first started.......and so they have refused to pay for my surgery now - which they DID approve, so on the phone I will go tomorrow.....and we really don't have much choice, unless my husband quits and finds a new job with new insurance. :( There. That is my reality. When I will get the needed surgery on my second foot - I dunno - but I bet they will make sure it isn't THIS year. (ThinK Deductible met.)

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