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Scare of something strange or weird?
by Palindrome at 10:48 am EDT, Jul 3, 2007

Your not alone!!!!!

This page is your resource for highly uncommon phobias -- many of which you won't even find in the most comprehensive of books about Phobias. ALL, however, are 100% legitimate (as far as I know).

Send me descriptions of unusual phobias you currently have or may have experienced in the past. Feel free to suggest a name for it if it's 'unlisted'. This page thrives off your various neuroses!

So my roommate and I were doing some research and typed "things that come in clusters" in to our search engine and got this page full of submissions of people who have a fear of things in clusters. This is intriguing to me....

There is a redundant post from Shannon not displayed in this view.
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