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Tetris for your home
by Palindrome at 2:43 pm EDT, Jul 5, 2007

Love the game? Now love the magnet set which has been adapted from the classic computer puzzle game that had us so addicted to conquering the never-ending stream of falling blocks back in the 1990s.

Tetrius stick to a fridge, an office whiteboard or any other metal surface. The set itself comprises seven different color blocks

These are cool. I think I will have to get a few sets. There are also sets of pillow tetris for small children (shown below) where they can build with them and then climb on it which is kinda interesting.

RE: Tetris for your home
by Worthersee at 12:57 pm EDT, Jul 6, 2007

If there was a cheaper version I would put my books on a tetris bookshelf.

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