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Letter from Afghanistan: The Taliban’s Opium War
by possibly noteworthy at 12:27 pm EDT, Jul 6, 2007

“Someone powerful obviously controls this area,” Wankel told Trammell. “The local authorities’ leaving has sent out the message that we’re unsafe and can be attacked. We should go.”

We climbed back up the bluff. Qassem was standing there with several of his men. Doug Wankel didn’t approach him. Marouf went to talk to Qassem, and then came back and told Wankel, “The police say you can eradicate there”—he pointed up to the other side of the road.

Fuck the police,” [*, *] Wankel snarled, and he turned and walked away. He told his men that it was over.

I walked past one of the jeeps where some of Qassem’s policemen, dressed in robes and sparkly skullcaps, were laughing and talking with the opium growers. I caught a whiff of something burning as I passed. They were smoking hashish.

Back at camp, everyone was in a bad mood. Hook, the former prison guard, remarked, “We ought to take all those guys and hang them in public, beginning with the governor.” He laughed, and added, “Good thing I’m not an idealist—I’m just here for the money.”

And now, for your listening pleasure (nsfw) ... 50 Cent ft. Snoop Dogg P.I.M.P. G-Unit Remix:

50 Cent: Man, who ever said progress was a slow process wasn't talkin' 'bout me!


Young Buc: When your neck and wrist glow, she already should know /
That money make the world go round, so let's get mo'

Hrm. Maybe jihad isn't punk after all. Maybe it's HIP-HOP.

And now I'm reminded of Lilly Allen's video for "LDN":

Hi. Um, I'm just wondering, have you got any kind of like, sort of punky, electronica, kind of grime, kind of like, new wave grime, kind of maybe like more broken beats, like kinda dubby broken beats, but a little bit kind of soulful ...? but kinda drum and bassy, but kinda more broken drum and bass, like sort of broken beats, like break-beat broken kind of drum and bass ... do you know what I mean? No?

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