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Free Steamlink weekend - Coast to Coast
by skullaria at 12:58 am EDT, Jul 14, 2007

This is a free streamlink weekend, and there are also letting people download up to 8 free past shows.

I love to listen to Coast to Coast - one night it is space aliens abducting people and making crop circles, and the next night it is Professor Kaku or an amazing speaker on computer science or hacking.
No matter HOW far out it is, everyone is treated with respect and given a chance to state their case.

The really crazy shows sometimes just stop me in my tracks. Recently the question was asked "Does it offend my grass if I mow it?" and another time, a guy called in that saw ghosts in mirrors, so he'd even had to get rid of his silverware.

The streamlink doesn't have commercials - just mostly good music during the breaks.

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