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RE: BBC's Planet Earth is highest grossing HD disc in US


RE: BBC's Planet Earth is highest grossing HD disc in US
by dc0de at 11:17 pm EDT, Jul 16, 2007

Hijexx wrote:

dc0de wrote:

Decius wrote:

dc0de wrote:
I don't have an HD capable TV, and don't plan on owning one until I'm FORCED to by the FCC.

I agree, but this series almost changed my mind.

I'm way too cheap....

I'm hoping that when the FCC makes me change, they'll subsidize my replacement television...

I don't. Too bad they already plan to subsidize tuners by auctioning off the reclaimed analog bandwidth.

There are better ways we could spend $1.5 billion dollars than subsidizing consumer electronic devices. I would feel exactly the same if I actually watched television.

Television is not a right. I just don't understand where this attitude of entitlement and indignation comes from about TV. It's a system used to deliver advertisements, propaganda and entertainment. Why should the government subsidize that system?

There used to be an arguement about federal election debate coverage, etc. But now that the Presidential debates are shown on pay for play TV networks such as MSNBC, that arguement is gone. It's all corporate owned and controlled infotainment now.

No, I do not agree with any government subsidy for the HDTV switch.

You make a great point...

TV "was" free in the past.

Then along came "cable" and "other subscription" TV, with the promise of "No Commercials".

I do remember the first few years of MTV, with only news and music videos.

That didn't last either.

Now, we pay for cable, and get commercials shoved down our throats, DRM is pushing it's way into my living room, and soon, I won't be able to legally record any analog TV, as the signal will be removed.

As well, the HDTV Broadcast signal is also going the way of the Dodo. That leaves me with... ?

Paying for TV that I can't record, (or can't remove the commercials from), that I can't have the capability of ordering only the channels I WANT... I have to pick a "package" of channels, and then will have to purchase a new TV set to boot?

Sorry, I'm planning on going to Joost and other sources on the internet... fuck this shit...

RE: BBC's Planet Earth is highest grossing HD disc in US

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