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NYT Sampler for 15 July 2007, Part III
by noteworthy at 7:43 pm EDT, Jul 15, 2007

People like to see what they perceive as the little guy winning, because in today’s society that is a rare occurrence.

"Society should place an initial emphasis on abundance," Mr. Buffett argued, but "then should continuously strive" to redistribute the abundance more equitably.

Luckily for mankind, Perkins has retired from his job as an infidel dog and now works on the side of the angels.

This weekend, they were trying something that was new, yet as old as human desire.

"Mom, we killed women on the street today. We killed kids on bikes. We had no choice."

Somehow that was one of the most poignant sights -- that immaculate woman exquisitely dressed, and caked in blood.

"Why take any risk?" they ask.

The more he spoke, the more I saw babies.

"They brought him in one day and brought his head in another." "You don’t get that playing the game in your living room."

The president was assured no one was finding out much.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said "the biggest challenge is finding a statutory basis for holding prisoners who should never be released and who may or may not be able to be put on trial."

"I might have had the hefeweizen," he said. "But I’m not going to kill them for it."

Experts say that sex-selective abortions in India reduced the number of girls per 1,000 boys from 945 in 1991 to 927 in 2001.

Four decades after their smashing military victory over Egypt, Jordan and Syria, Israelis generally concede that in many ways the war was a disaster.

No Country For Women and Children
by noteworthy at 9:32 pm EST, Nov 29, 2007

"Mom, we killed women on the street today. We killed kids on bikes. We had no choice."

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