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FOX presents mostly fictional anti-hacker news story
by Dagmar at 10:15 am EDT, Jul 27, 2007

It looks like FOX is pretty pissed about getting their stuff hacked, and so they've gotten some of their affiliates to cook up a complete line of crap so they can run a "HACKARS R BAD, K?" news piece. It's rather sad.

For those of you who don't recognize what board they're talking about, where everyone is "required" to be anonymous, it's 4chan. If you don't recognize it, Google it. The reason almost all the users on 4chan post anonymously is definitely *not* what this news report claims it is... and the lies don't stop there.

Phil Shuman is a tool. It's one thing to be clueless, but this, coupled with the previous articles he's ran, borders on irresponsible.

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