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Liberties Advocates Fear Abuse of Satellite Images - New York Times
by Decius at 9:04 am EDT, Aug 21, 2007

For years, a handful of civilian agencies have used limited images from the nation’s constellation of spy satellites to track hurricane damage, monitor climate change and create topographical maps. But a new plan to allow emergency response, border control and, eventually, law enforcement agencies greater access to sophisticated satellites and other sensors that monitor American territory has drawn sharp criticism from civil liberties advocates who say the government is overstepping the use of military technology for domestic surveillance.

There seems to be a conflict here even though nothing is going on yet. However, this discussion is inevitable. Why bother installing cameras on street corners when you already have them in space? Just think of it as a force multiplier. You don't have any right to privacy when you are outside! People COULD see you. Ergo it is OK if the government always sees you and keeps records of that indefinately. There is no difference!

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