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Johnson & Johnson Says THEY own the RED CROSS of the Red Cross
by skullaria at 9:32 pm EDT, Aug 24, 2007

"On Wednesday, August 8th, 2007, a civil complaint was filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York by JOHNSON & JOHNSON and JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER COMPANIES, INC against THE AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS and its commercial licensees, LEARNING CURVE INTERNATIONAL, INC., MAGLA PRODUCTS, LLC, WATER-JEL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., and FIRST AID ONLY, INC.

The goal of this civil complaint is to restore the long-held legal boundaries surrounding the use of the Red Cross trademark."

WTF, it is the RED CROSS! Next they might go after Christ because he uses that cross symbol too. HA!

That's like the most generic 'symbol' on earth, just the color red - and they say THEY own it. Wowsers.

Interestingly, in looking at this, I find that the Red Cross didn't even 'pick' that symbol - it was assigned to them by the US CONGRESS.
SEE- section 6 and related provisions

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