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RE: YouTube - Top Gear - Porsche Cayman


RE: YouTube - Top Gear - Porsche Cayman
by Worthersee at 6:46 pm EDT, Sep 11, 2007

Decius wrote:

Worthersee wrote:

Decius wrote:
This is the most hillarious car review I've ever watched. I like the way this car looks. He is way too critical of it.

Jeremy Clarkson thinks all Porsche's are hopped-up Volkswagen beattles. He also thinks that only cock's buy Porsches.

Right on both counts. Whats the problem?

Just trying to give a frame of reference as to why he is critical of the Cayman in his review.

I have no problem with Jeremy Clarkson's opinions. In fact this review was a major motivating factor in my recent car purchase.

P.S. I have Xvid of almost all 9 seasons of Top Gear if you want them. Whether you're a car nut or not, Top Gear always entertains.

RE: YouTube - Top Gear - Porsche Cayman

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