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Rebuilding The Wall
by Palindrome at 11:15 pm EDT, Sep 18, 2007

You have to hit the bottom of the well, where you feel as if you have nothing

Drowning in the depths of agony

You must reach point where you have cried so much that there is no physical way to weep anymore

When it seems you can no longer feel anything

You have hurt so much that your whole body is numb

There comes a point where your body is an empty shell hollowed out by grief.....

Let the cycle take its course

Pretend that it isn’t happening

Blame someone or something

Promise you can do it differently if given the chance

Go through the what ifs feeling desperately alone

Make the choice to move forward

Find something still beautiful in the world that is worth the effort

Place the first brick and keep building

Let go of everything and everyone that is holding you under water

Assure yourself that you can make it on your own

Nothing can take away your choice to go on

Build it bigger, stronger and taller this time

Make it harder for someone to knock it down again and throw you into the well

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