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Immigration, brought to you by Google
by possibly noteworthy at 10:29 pm EDT, Sep 19, 2007

The DHS officer had bags under his eyes and squinted at his screen, prodding at his keyboard with sausage fingers. No wonder it was taking four hours to get out of the god damned airport.

"Evening," Greg said, handing the man his sweaty passport. The officer grunted and swiped it, then stared at his screen, tapping. A lot. He had a little bit of dried food at the corner of his mouth and his tongue crept out and licked at it.

"Want to tell me about June 1998?"

Greg looked up from his Departures. "I'm sorry?"

"You posted a message to alt.burningman on June 17, 1998, about your plan to attend a festival. You asked, 'Are shrooms really such a bad idea?'"

Time Lapse Video of the 2007 Burning Man festival as viewed from the Block Rock Solar "Powertainer".

From The Magazine : Radar Online : Cory Doctorow imagines a world in which Google is evil
by Decius at 10:34 am EDT, Sep 15, 2008

WHAT IF GOOGLE WERE EVIL? Cory Doctorow imagines the worst

Haven't read this yet but it sounds like fun.

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