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Patrick Veil and Lonnnie to perform at Brighton Bar!!!
by Vile at 9:44 pm EDT, Oct 7, 2007

This Wednesday, October 10th is a big day!

At the Brighton Bar, on Brighton Ave in beautiful Long Branch, NJ, Patrick Veil (of the Sex Zombies and Fabric Staircase Magazine) will perform an acoustic set of humorous, topical and fearless tunes. Come watch acoustic become dangerous weaponry in the hands of a madman. Patrick is in the middle of a tour with the increasingly popular Sex Zombies, and this special acoustic performance guarantees to entertain.

Speaking of Madmen, singer/songwriter Lonnnie (of Sunshine Flipside) makes his return to the Brighton stage with a set of new tunes that have to be heard to be believed! A genius tunesmith with a penchant for aching melodies, insightful (occasionally hilarious) lyrics, and potent performances.

Also performing are The Hip Shop, Nick Gere and Eddie Bodeen. For more info, check

Don't miss this show...unless you are already playing a gig somewhere else. No other excuses will cut the mustard!

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