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RE: big_brother.jpg (JPEG Image, 375x500 pixels)


RE: big_brother.jpg (JPEG Image, 375x500 pixels)
by Shannon at 1:02 pm EDT, Oct 25, 2007

ubernoir wrote:

that's nonsense

i live in a country with a high level of surveilance but i'm not such a paranoid fool as to think the government is spying to me, it's to prevent crime, traffic accidents etc maybe you have too much of a dogmatic approach whereas the British are notoriously practical.

In a functional democracy, a level of cynicism of the government is needed for it to continue to be healthy. Trusting all the laws to be fair all the time is dangerous in a democracy, so a surveillance society can be especially chilling. Combined with the fact that when authorities get new powers which are not in check, they nearly always abuse them.

You're right about Fox media though, and Murdoch has more of a corner on your news than in the US. The main difference is that Fox News US is right wing, British Fox Media is all frivolous crap about royalty rather than about issues that affect people.

RE: big_brother.jpg (JPEG Image, 375x500 pixels)

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