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RE: Industrial Memetics @ Blog World Expo


RE: Industrial Memetics @ Blog World Expo
by Rattle at 4:08 am EST, Nov 12, 2007

Rattle when you get some time drop me a line I would love to know how things are going at the expo and get caught up on things...

Things went well at the conference. I just got home, and am quite behind on all my email and whatnot.. But shoot me a message sometime this week over IM or something, and I'll tell ya' anything you want to know.

The conference wasn't all that large, but we we able to talk to a bunch of people. There were some cool folks there. Over the course of this week, we'll see how many new faces pop up on the site. I figure we will not see anyone show up for a few days. I'm sure most of the people (like myself) spent the rest of the weekend in Vegas doing that Vegas thing.

RE: Industrial Memetics @ Blog World Expo

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