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RE: Fuck Hip Hop


RE: Fuck Hip Hop
by Decius at 3:52 pm EST, Dec 1, 2002

Rattle wrote:
] When you turn on the idiot box and see all the thugz, playaz,
] and gangstas parading around MTV, who do you think the enemy
] causing our culture to go to shit _really_ is?

Hrm, I think that there are lots of people out there who could be saying lots of things with rap music. I can't help but see the hands of the industry in all of this bling bling crap. There is lots of stuff that they could be promoting. I heard some very good underground hip hop in Atlanta that had lots of themes. They choose to promote this gangster stuff because its a simple formula and it works. Rent a few hot cars and some hot girls and have some dude from the projects talking about his rims. Anybody can throw that together in a weekend and it sells millions. The impact is aweful. There are people in poor neighborhoods in Nashville who spend their house money on cars. They drive escalades but they can barely afford a roof over their heads.

We need an alternative marketing system.

RE: Fuck Hip Hop

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