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RE: Fuck Hip Hop


RE: Fuck Hip Hop
by flynn23 at 2:12 pm EST, Dec 2, 2002

Rattle wrote:
] ] I know you’ve been thinking it. And if you haven’t, you
] probably
] ] haven’t been paying attention. The art we once called hip
] hop has
] ] been dead for some time now. But because its rotting carcass
] has
] ] been draped in platinum and propped against a Gucci print
] car, many
] ] of us have missed its demise.
] Pretty much the same thing happned to every music movement
] that came out of the past decade or two. Its all boiled down
] to shit now. I wonder about the reasons often.. It seems to
] get easier by the day to point your finger at the Big Media
] say "stop fucking up our culture in the process of making your
] buck!"
] When you turn on the idiot box and see all the thugz, playaz,
] and gangstas parading around MTV, who do you think the enemy
] causing our culture to go to shit _really_ is?

While this article takes a particularly political bent (one that I can't argue with all too much, although some of its statements are not based in fact) - the real truth here is that people have said that hip hop (or rap, or whatever you wanna call it) has been dead, like 5 times since 1985. Each time, something emerges that gradually expands it. At some point, that will run its course, but I doubt that it's happened quite yet.

Check out the latest from De La Soul, Nas, Jurassic 5, and other slightly non-mainstream artists for a taste.

RE: Fuck Hip Hop

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