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RE: Fuck Hip Hop


RE: Fuck Hip Hop
by Rattle at 7:59 pm EST, Dec 4, 2002

Reknamorken wrote:
] At first I thought you were talking about Hip-Hop artists and
] then I realized:
] thugz -
] Poindexter
] Ashcroft
] Rumsfeld
] playaz -
] Dubya
] Condoleeza Rice
] gangstas -
] Cheney
] It was that sentence about the enemy who was causing our
] culture to _really_ go to shit. I was confused until I
] thought about it some more.
] Thanks! Good laugh...

Its funny you should say that.. Because when I was writing that message, I almost put "MTV/CNN" where "MTV" was for whit value, but I felt it diverged from the point I was trying to make about our culture being lead by the idiot majority..

I guess the cynical angle my politics have taken of late is so transparent I don't really need to go into much detail.. :)

There is a degree to which I do directly blame the artists for alot of our problems in society. If I was Chuck D, or Jello Biafra, etc, I would feel violently ill whenever I watched MTV. Hell, I would most likely feel violently ill if I watched MTV myself, but I don't watch MTV, so its all ok. Its all bling bling and no actual content of importance. A little rebellion in a box every so offten, but nothing of substance.

But in the end, you can't fix much blame on the artists. The environment created for music by the "big media" system doesn't exactly lend itsself to being a fourm for new ideas or a place to challenge the flaws of our society. Its just a machine for making money off eyeballs. Its current potental social value has a very low ceiling. I see it as a problem because music has more potental power then mearly making a buck. Music is a very powerful way to communicate.

I remember back from the days of catholic high school.. Whenever we were being forced to sing hymns in the church, the teachers would tell us that singing was the highest form of prayer to God. At the time, I always thought that was so damn funny, you'd know exactly why if you've ever heard people sing in catholic church. Its a fucking joke, and a funny one at that. People sing like crap, putting in the same effort they would for any obligation they give 1/8 a shit about. Something about that idea stuck with me over time thou, sans the God part. Music is a very powerful way to communicate ideas. When powerful ideas find their way into music, it has effects, and the targets of those effects get worried. You could ask Peter Tosh or Bob Marley about this if they hadn't been killed by their government. There are many examples.

- nick

RE: Fuck Hip Hop

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