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by Decius at 6:00 pm EST, Dec 2, 2002

I've been unimpressed with the auto industry in the last few years. Cars should by fun, affordable, and comfortable. The industry usually asks you to pick one. Sometimes they get two. This is one of the few times in recent memory where they've managed to hit all three.

They took your mother's mazda and added many of the performance tweeks you'd expect the local street drag kids to be running. They even let Calaway get their hands on the engine. They also throw in a suped up stereo system complete with mp3 support. Its a $20,000 high tech race car. Its fast and furious. It looks like loads of fun.

If I was in the market for a car I would seriously consider this.

NOTE: Mazda does this really lame thing with their website where if you come in with a browser they don't recognize they spit you to an error page rather then letting you deal with it. So load this one up in IE.

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