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RE: What's in a Font?


RE: What's in a Font?
by flynn23 at 12:22 pm EST, Jan 9, 2008

possibly noteworthy wrote:

Typography is not simply a frou-frou debate over aesthetics orchestrated by a hidden coterie of graphic-design nerds. You need only imagine a STOP sign that utilizes the heavy-metal typefaces favoured by bands Dokken or Krokus to realize that clear, clean and direct typography can save lives, or at the very least prevent drivers from prolonged bouts of confused squinting.

Oh but it is! The only reason why fonts like Helvetica have survived over something like Hessian script (ie heavy metal type) is because you read best what you read most. Comic Sans will be just as recognizable for anything if it's used for everything.

But I LOVE the idea of STOP signs in Wing Dings.

RE: What's in a Font?

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