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Japanese Minty Eye Drops
by Neoteric at 6:00 pm EST, Jan 9, 2008


* Unusual Intensity, kind of like Altoids for your Eye.
* Makes your eyes very wet, relieves dryness quickly.


* Redness worsens at first, then fades away slowly.
* Some people will not like the Intense Feeling.

From the land of the rising sun comes relief to all typists who have been staring at an LCD for too long. Or maybe you're a trucker making that long haul from one side of the world to the other... Hell if you're reading this your eyes probably just need that refreshing minty feeling. A couple of quotes about this stuff:

"I can breathe through my eyes"
"It feels like my eyes just brushed their teeth"

Yup. It's eye care just like jesus intended... stingy.


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