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Atomic -
by dc0de at 4:57 pm EST, Jan 27, 2008

Forty years after France's sale of "peaceful" nuclear technology to Saddam Hussein, the atomic twinkle in the Élysée's eyes is again on the Middle East. France has offered civilian nuclear cooperation to Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco.

More french stupidity at work, while chasing money in the middle east. When will everyone simply understand how difficult it is to determine how much uranium is enriched and stored once a nuclear plant goes on-line?

Nuclear power is dangerous, not from it's ability to create electricity, but the underlying ability to create devastation to one's neighbors, and destroy the global environment. Every country's nuclear power programs need to be closely monitored, to prevent any covert weaponization.

I think that the key to providing developing countries with nuclear power needs to be accomplished with a method of openness. There also needs to be real punishment for those who do not keep their nuclear program open, and/or are found to be enriching uranium for other purposes.

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