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Taxi to the Dark Side
by possibly noteworthy at 11:11 am EST, Feb 9, 2008

... essential ... superb, tough-minded ... meticulous ... assiduously investigated, brilliantly argued ... usefully horrifying ... devastating ... shattering ... powerful ... sharp, shaming ... grim, yet straightforward ... raises a great many uncomfortable, important questions. Sad, important and very difficult to watch.

Also: 100% fresh.

From the archive:

After 9/11, the gloves come off.

Taxi to the Dark Side
by Acidus at 11:30 pm EST, Feb 9, 2008

Put people in a crazy situation and people do crazy things

You have no right to a lawyer
you have no right to witnesses
You don't really know what the charges are
And you certainly don't know what the secret evidence is against you

Its not about left or right, its about right and wrong

This is playing in Atlanta at The Landmark

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