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USDA Puts 3 Workers on Leave After Largest Recall of Beef
by unmanaged at 3:51 pm EST, Feb 29, 2008

Union officials say the U.S. Department of Agriculture has placed three employees on paid leave of absence amid the agency's investigation of the largest meat recall in U.S. history.

Two agency supervisors and one inspector have been sent home and will receive their normal salary pending the probe, said Stan Painter, chairman of the National Joint Council of Food Inspection Locals, the union representing USDA food inspectors. A second union official confirmed the leaves.

Hallmark/Westland on Feb. 17 announced a recall of 143 million pounds of beef. The Chino, Calif., company issued the recall three weeks after the Humane Society of the United States released an undercover video showing workers trying to force sick or injured cows to their feet using electrical cattle prods, high-pressure water hoses and fork lifts. Such activities violate state and federal laws barring animal cruelty...

This is sick! Someone (CEO's/Managers) should do jail time, or atleast have the shit beat out of them and shocked with cattle prods.... Do unto others you bastards! :)

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