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RE: Outerz0ne 4 - Thanks To Everyone!


RE: Outerz0ne 4 - Thanks To Everyone!
by Rattle at 11:01 am EDT, Mar 24, 2008

Stefanie wrote:
On behalf of the OZ4 staff, thank you to everyone who attended the con! This year, we had enough speakers to extend Outerz0ne to a two-day event, and we had enough attendees to keep the conference room full throughout the schedule. We appreciate all of the time and effort that went into the presentations.

We also thank those of you who offered donations and bought T-shirts, because you prevented SkyDog from taking a bath on the con! This means we'll probably do it again next year. :)


p.s. Rattle beat out dc0de to win the auction this year. Thanks to everyone who placed a bid!

OZ was a ton of fun this year. There were many good conversations.

You guys run a great con. Massive kudos to all of you. I look forward to next year.

RE: Outerz0ne 4 - Thanks To Everyone!

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