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Candler Park Golf Course - Atlanta, Georgia
by Decius at 4:39 pm EDT, Mar 24, 2008

I believe it to be true, that Candler Park Golf Course was the private golf course of Coca-Cola founder, Asa Candler. He lived nearby, & this intown-neighborhood of Atlanta currently bears his name. He entertained clients there in the early days of our world-renowned beverage. Years passed, & somewhere down the line, it was donated to the City of Atlanta, who capably owns, manages & maintains it now.

Last weekend I drove past what is certainly Atlanta's coolest golf course. I need to get back down there a play a round sometime soon.

You have to walk, no carts, which means that playing there actually counts as exercise. Furthermore, you are just as likely to see tattooed punks from little five points as frat boys in dockers on the course, and beginners are more common than stressed out executives. This means you are unlikely to get hassled by a crusty old course manager over "pace of play." In fact, the course managers might not even be there at all, as you are allowed to play on the honor system - shove a 10 spot in an envelope and tee off. All of this contributes to a laid back feeling that makes golf the relaxing experience it was meant to be.

Do bring your divot repair tool as the low budget course understandably depends on players who are good to the facilities. Its also likely that you'll be approached by a homeless person selling balls. Buy some. Its a legitimate service. Who else is going to clean those balls out of the woods?

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