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RE: - The Black Clouds - Monmouth County, New Jersey - Rock / Alternative / Grunge -


RE: - The Black Clouds - Monmouth County, New Jersey - Rock / Alternative / Grunge -
by Vile at 12:55 am EDT, Jul 19, 2008

flynn23 wrote:

Decius wrote:

Unleashed in late spring, 2004, New Jersey’s Black Clouds play bracing rock music characterized by soaring melodies, dynamic arrangements and superior song craft. Hard, loud and impossibly catchy, the band has won a loyal following by lighting up clubs on both sides of the Hudson River. For fans of classic hard rock and alternative, the Black Clouds aim to bring danger, fun and deep lyricism back to rock and roll. To music lovers, nationwide, who have eagerly awaited the return of danceable, unpretentious rock, the Black Clouds have arrived. With a self-financed, self-produced album released in January of 2008, mixed and mastered by Jack Endino, known best for his work with Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney, these four motivated young musicians have set their sights very high. They worked ceaselessly to develop a sound that balances the creativity of indie rock with the professional acumen required to achieve mainstream success. -Patrick Veil

Wow, I've never read Vile sounding so professional. In any event, I got my hands on a copy of "Wishing Well" and listened to it recently. If you're one of those people who is still listening to early '90s grunge rock you should check this out. Its good, and you haven't heard it before, but its exactly what you want to hear.

Awesome. So what you're saying is that Vile's in a band that rips off another band (Nirvana) that was only successful because it ripped off other bands (Pixies, Killing Joke).

Let the vitriolic instigation commence..... NOW!

Actually, dumbass, you fucked something up here. You did not comprehend, or put two and two together to make four. Instead, you put two and two together to spell "dipshit."

My band is not the Black Clouds. That's a grunge band that Decius posted something about.

I don't play grunge. I play nothing but Beatles covers. You should see it sometime. Fags dig it. Not that I have any problems with that, nor am I insinuating that you are a homosexual. I merely presented the evidence to you. Now go back to playing mud pound with two lumps of dogshit.

RE: - The Black Clouds - Monmouth County, New Jersey - Rock / Alternative / Grunge -

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