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McCain's Optimum Look
by noteworthy at 5:51 am EDT, Apr 22, 2008

Can a typeface truly represent a presidential candidate?

What does Optima say about John McCain? And should this, or any, candidate be judged by a typeface?

Consider typography to be the window into the soul of the candidate’s campaign. The depth, the breadth, the good, the bad and the ugly is all there for us to witness and assess in one clear and telegraphic manner. And in this campaign, what you see is definitely what you will get.


It is a rather bland face being used in a rather bland way.

It seems a bit elitist and upscale for John McCain.

It sort of reeks of old thrift-shop, Danish furniture, and not in a good way.

It’s a typeface used to trick people into thinking they are involving themselves in something more important and more desirable than it actually is.

It is a typeface I associate with the 1970s: moving past the hygienic purity of, say, a humanist sans-serif and migrating ever so slightly toward fern bars and big hair.

Have you seen Helvetica?

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