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The Doctor Says
by Shannon at 11:21 am EDT, Apr 22, 2008

Has Dr Who started ringing you up in the middle of the night?  He has me too.
This site is an ever growing audio extravaganza of what he has been saying to us all
After a break BT has bought back the voice of Tom Baker. But he'll only be here until January the 7th.
You can send a text from a mobile to a landline in the normal way – just enter the landline number as the destination instead. To send a text from a landline to another landline or to a mobile, you need a text-enabled home phone, BT Caller Display and a compatible phone line.
If the recipient has got a text-enabled phone and has registered for BT Text, they will ordinarily receive texts in written format. If you want to surprise them with a Tom Baker text, you can force it to be delivered as speech instead by typing *tts# at the start of your message ('text to speech').
Warning - Sometimes Tom Baker's language can be a bit choice. 
So don't let the kids listen

RE: The Doctor Says
by Stefanie at 10:22 pm EDT, Apr 22, 2008

The 4th Doctor said:
Hello, I'm the Doctor. Do you want a piece of me?


David Tennant's got nothing on Tom Baker... or Christopher Eccleston, for that matter.

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