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Neil Cavuto - "World's Richest Man Likes Taxes, but Most Other Folks Don't"
by Stefanie at 10:44 am EDT, May 6, 2008

Warren Buffett doesn't like Hillary Clinton's gas tax holiday. Doesn't much flip over an estate tax holiday. In fact, doesn't much like any tax holidays. But he does like taxes apparently.

He spelled it out for my colleague Liz Claman on FOX Business Network — did I tell you if you're not getting this fantastic business service, you're really missing out? But I digress.

Back to taxes. The world's richest man seems to like them. I think it's fair to say most other folks do not. I am not here to quibble with the sage, perhaps the single best investor who ever lived. I am here to quibble with his faith in government. After all, taxes support government. And more taxes support more government.

But you'd think this remarkable man, who places so much faith in the government with our money, would share the same view when it comes to his own money. He doesn't. He's already announced that he will give away his entire fortune to Bill Gates' charitable foundation. For good reason. Bill and Melinda Gates are doing a remarkable job at charity. And I guess, by inference, the government is not, speaking very charitably.

So think about that: When the smartest investor in the world had to decide the best use of his money for doing good in this world...he chooses not his Uncle Sam, but his friend Bill. I didn't follow his words. I followed something else. His money.

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