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Slashdot | Broadband Is Dead (Or At Least Very Ill)
by Rattle at 2:42 am EDT, Oct 13, 2001

"Broadband is dead. That is the proclamation of tech pundit Robert Cringely. With Excite@Home turning away new customers and going bankrupt along with most of the DSL companies, things are bleak and will get worse. The icing on the cake could be this bill which would remand the requirement for local phone providers to open their networks before competing in the long distance market." And at a different scale, apparently the DSL circuits in Blacksburg, VA (a place which liked to claim it was "the most wired town in America" not long ago) are now full, and turning away residential customers.

And here comes the recession!! Whee!!

Whelp! What was that? I think I hear a crashing sound coming from Redwood City? Flames look like they are just off the side of the 101. Hmm.. I told those bastards they would rule the day they told me I couldn't smoke dope on installs. Wonder if Covad will survive now that they laied off my friends. We know the Northpoint fuckers are all going to hell for shutting off my DSL..

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