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Polygamists "GIRLS" suprise CPS (They weren't girls!)
by skullaria at 1:48 am EDT, May 22, 2008

"Turns out, many of the "disputed" minors are adults after all, a point CPS hasn’t conceded until now. One of the "girls" is actually 27 years old.

Only a handful of the 168 mothers involved in the case have had their individual hearings so far – they will all be complete by June 4. Many of the "disputed" mothers are still due court hearings. One has to wonder how many more "child brides" will turn out to be adults before this is all over.

It’s an important point, because CPS investigators justified escalating the April 3 raid, and ultimately the removal of every child, based on their observations once they entered the ranch for the first time in response to a call for help. "

Is anyone still following this case? The govt. seems to have really screwed up to me.

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