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from the email archive
by Acidus at 4:07 pm EDT, Jun 5, 2008

I went diving into my email archive today looking for something and located this gem quite by happenstance.

From: "Billy Hoffman" []
To: ****
Cc: ****
Sent: 8/7/2006 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: ****

I want to take all these no talent, tech trendy ass clowns and drown them in the ocean.

The reason we have insecure programmers is these "evangelists" are spending too much time hyping things up to get people to buy into their shitty technology and are spending no time teaching those very people how to properly use it. They then turn around and say “no problem here, this is caused by novices” all while ignoring that their hip and witty blogosphere bullshit is what brought the “novices” into the field in the first place.

This is like leading a horse to water, forgetting about him, yelling at everyone how stupid the horse is for not drinking, and then publicly shooting the horse.

Now, unless you really want me to say all that to these fellows, I suggest someone else kindly point these guys to our whitepaper.


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