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Waimea Bay, Nov. 27 1959
by Lost at 3:29 am EDT, Aug 8, 2008

Waimea Bay, Nov. 27, 1959. The surfers left to right. Max Lim, Ted Gugelyk (me), Jose Angel, Jack Webb, Peter Cole. ------------- We considered this day crowded. 12 guys out. Size between 15 and 25 feet. Storm surf. In '59 - Waimea was not surfed that much. No leashes, no life guards, no jet skis, helicopters, and very few cameras. We depended on buddy system. If one of us got into trouble, others would help. All of us were excellent water men. We were a fraternity of big wave riding brothers. Each was a professional in work life, and riding big waves was our thing - our hobby. Of course, we loved it, the rush, with all our hearts. Slightly insane then, since we were on our own. No jet ski life guards as back up, no ESPN, just us and the sea and its giant waves. Ted Gugelyk email: web site:

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