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Awesome Slow Motion Lightning Bolt
by CypherGhost at 9:00 am EDT, Aug 8, 2008

RE: Awesome Slow Motion Lightning Bolt
by skullaria at 3:21 pm EDT, Aug 9, 2008

CypherGhost wrote:

My son and I saw - last month - a lightening sprite.
It was about 1am in the morning and we just happened to be out and walking up the top of a hill, and BOOM - there it was!

I didn't know what it was - red lightening that looked, well, like a big monster going up in the air.

We researched it - for many, many years scientists said there were no such thing when people reported those, but one night in Alaska a group of researchers happened to catch on on tape. I was glad they did! We ran in when we got home to look up "red Lightening that goes UP" and found out it was what they call 'sprites.'
The next day, we saw a double rainbow. That was cool

That's a lot like the one we saw.

Awesome Slow Motion Lightning Bolt
by janelane at 1:02 pm EDT, Aug 8, 2008


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