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This is fucking retarded!
by Vile at 3:31 am EDT, Aug 14, 2008

No wonder these people are unable to understand why we, as a nation do not ban things that some find offensive. It's because they are retarded. In fact, my grandfathers risked their lives in a war to fight against a tyrant who used the bastard science of eugenics to justify wiping them out all while burning books and banning thoughts. To hell with anyone who would try to ban ANYTHING in this nation, whether they agree with the sentiments or not. Anyone in favor of censorship in the United States of America, liberal or conservative (or retarded) should, themselves, shut up.

Even a "retard" can understand why the first amendment supersedes and lays the framework for the following amendments. People who wish to use censorship as a tool have no place in any debate.

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