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by Neoteric at 9:49 am EDT, Aug 18, 2008

1. Download Google Earth (14 Mb) if you haven’t done yet. This application requires a broadband Internet connection and is recommended you use a computer that is “less than four years old”.

2. Open this page and click here to download all the 240 tracks or click on one of the links below:

· Ciro’s Racing Circuits (All tracks: 240 racing circuits)

· Formula One (65 racing circuits)

· F1: 2006 (18 racing circuits)

· F1: 1950-2005 (46 racing circuits)

· F1: Test & Demo Circuits 2006 (4 racing circuits)

· F1: Factories (13 factories)

· Champcar 2007 (17 racing circuits)

· NASCAR 2006 (23 racing circuits)

· Other racing circuits (180 racing circuits)

This is a .kmz of car tracks from around the world. All of formula one, all of nascar. + 180 additional tracks.


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