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Lego hobbyist site:
by Elonka at 11:41 am EDT, Aug 19, 2008

Inventoried By: Elonka Dunin

One of my latest obsessions, is Lego. I've been building all kinds of robots and remote-control devices. Also, when sick with the flu or something, I've found that I really enjoy just picking a set at random, and working through the instruction manual, step by step to make something fun.

This site,, is an amazing resource for Lego-enthusiasts. You can:
* Search on any set, and get a list of all the pieces in that set
* Learn all the locations where you can buy the set, new or used
* Search on any piece name or number
* Click on any piece, and see all the sets that contain that piece
* Learn the prices from various resellers (international) if you want to purchase a particular piece, sorted by color
* Maintain a database of every set that you own, which you can customize plus or minus if you lose pieces or add a few here and there
* Download set inventories or your own piece database to your own computer (where you can review it in programs such as partscatalog.exe)
* And, perhaps coolest of all, once you have your own parts database on the site, you can then click on any other Lego set that you're interested in, and then ask, "Do I have the parts already to build this?" and it'll run the compare and tell you what you already have, what you have, but is in the wrong color, and what you still need to obtain.

I've been helping out with the site as a volunteer. For example, one of the "Mars Mission" sets, ETX Alien Infiltrator, didn't have an inventory yet, so I compiled it offline, and then uploaded it to the site. For which I get "inventoried" credit at the bottom of the page. :) Now I just wish I had a camera to take a closeup picture of the unique pieces in that set!

In Legomaniac happiness,

Elonka :)

RE: Lego hobbyist site:
by CypherGhost at 1:00 pm EDT, Aug 19, 2008

Hmm. Interesting. I've used Lego to prototype machines a number of times. They are very tough, resist chemicals, and actually stay together nicely with a few zipties.

While I've sorted pieces into bins, I don't think I've ever "cataloged" them. Sounds like a nice idea for RFID embedded Lego bricks, however :) If we get the tiny, sub-rice size, you could probably get them jammed in the holes on a lot of bricks without having to embed them into the ABS plastic.

Or, how about this... we could use a laser to burn a small barcode on each piece that includes a part number and serial number! Putting it on the underside would give them uniform placement and conceal them in finished projects.

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