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LPGA way out of bounds - The Boston Globe
by Decius at 10:22 am EDT, Aug 28, 2008

The LPGA Tour for the last few years has wrestled with the dilemma of so many young South Korean women making a splash and the hint that it was bad for business. Tour officials know they could never put a limit on how many South Korean players can make the tour, so imposing an English proficiency provision is a veiled attempt to do so.

I love playing golf, its a great sport, but I don't like golf culture. There is something subtly unwelcoming about it. Every few years the thin layer of modernity gets scuffed off by some event and you see these people for who they really are. This move, ripped from the pages of 1920's "Jim Crow" laws in the South, is the latest evidence that the sport is run by a bunch of racist old fucks.

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