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RE: The election is basically over.


RE: The election is basically over.
by Stefanie at 11:45 am EDT, Aug 29, 2008

Decius wrote:
McCain's decision to select a woman for VP is a transparent attempt to court some of Hillary's supporters, many of whom are not liberal, and being sore about their candidate's loss, are attracted to McCain as a perceived moderate. However, the VP may become the President, and Palin, having absolutely no foreign policy experience, is totally unqualified to be the President of the United States. This will be quickly apparent to everybody and it will blow up in McCain's face. It will destroy his candidacy, and unfortunately it will be a serious pock mark on Palin's here-to-fore admirable political career.

Obama and Biden are your new President and VP.

This election is over.

I disagree. You can't dismiss her without dismissing Obama for all the same reasons. Besides, she's exactly what McCain needs: someone young and conservative... and rational. I've been a Palin fan for a while, and I'm glad to see her on the ticket. If anything, this choice gives McCain's campaign new life.

RE: The election is basically over.

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